CONFIRMED coronavirus cases in Central Luzon have now reached a total of 18,155, according to a report from the Department of Health (DOH) Central Luzon.

Deaths due to coronavirus infections have also risen to 505. Bulacan reported 243 deaths, followed by Pampanga with 119. Bataan province has the third most number of deaths at 52, followed by Nueva Ecija and Zambales provinces with 31 reported deaths each. There are also 29 reported deaths in Tarlac.

Of the 18,155 confirmed cases, the DOH claims 14,094 have recovered and only 3,556 active cases.

Bualcan has the most number of active cases at 8,114, followed by Pampanga with 3,851 and Bataan with 2,697.

Both Zambales and Nueva Ecija have breached the 1,000-mark, now having 1,365 and 1,019 confirmed cases, respectively.

There are also 687 confirmed cases in Tarlac province.

Aurora province, which was once coronavirus-free for several months during the long quarantine, now has 69 confirmed cases, of which 50 are active while 19 have recovered.

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