DUE to a sudden spike in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases in Bacolod City, the city has recorded a total of 28 deaths from April 1 to 30, 2021, an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) official said Friday.

Dr. Chris Sorongon, deputy for medical data and analysis of EOC, said the majority of the fatalities were patients aged 50 years old and above and with comorbidities.

“It’s very alarming, so we should not be complacent because Covid is still there,” he said.

As of April 29, Bacolod City had a total of 7,431 Covid-19 cases. Of the number, 6,407 patients already recovered, 817 were active cases and 207 were deaths.

On the same day, Bacolod had 106 new Covid-19 cases with 101 recoveries.

Sorongon said most of the new Covid-19 cases were authorized persons outside residence, local stranded individuals, dialysis patients, and pregnant women, among others.

He said 76 percent of Covid-19 beds in all seven hospitals in Bacolod City were already occupied and are now at an alarming level.

This occupancy rate is higher compared to previous months, in which the utilization rate was as low as 20 to 30 percent only.

“There is a total of 136 patients admitted in seven hospitals in Bacolod City, 95 [of them] or 68 percent are residents of Bacolod City. Consequently, the remaining 32 percent are coming from the municipalities and cities of Negros Occidental,” Sorongon said.

He said this leaves 43 available beds for Covid-19 patients, 28 of which are in six private hospitals and the remaining 15 beds in the sole government hospital here.

The bed utilization data was gathered through the One Hospital Command Center of the EOC.

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